Tea and the “Victoriana” Nut Lady

What do nuts, Victorian/Edwardian apparel, and Rapunzel-length red hair have in common? Lisa Griffiths, the lady who will make your tea time go nuts! And nuts and teas go well together, as I discussed in this article awhile ago.

The Victorian Lady takes tea! (image used with permission)
The Victorian Lady takes tea! (image used with permission)

Lisa is the founder of That Nutty Redhead – Frosted and Gourmet Nuts, a collector of vintage Victorian and Edwardian apparel (beginning at the tender age of 15) that is part of a traveling museum display, the star of her own series on a public cable channel (Cape Ann TV’s Channel 12), and the author of a book about vintage fashions.

Her “Nut Lady” motto is “Live a Little, While You Live a Little Longer!” She leaves out some items from her products that a growing segment of our population are becoming allergic to (such as peanuts). The ingredients she does use are claimed to be the best quality she can get. She also claims that her coated almonds, cashews, and pecans are healthy and tasty snacking. I personally don’t know one way or another about the healthy part. I also haven’t personally tried those nuts (the order I mailed off to her vanished into thin air – a total mystery), but quite frankly I can’t imagine that they would be anything but totally delicious

So, the question you are probably all asking right now is “Which tea goes with these nuts?” The answer (in my humble opinion):

The other question is which tea is best when you’re wearing those corsets and other Victorian/Edwardian garb. (I’m rather happy to wear more loose-fitting garments at tea time and any time.) And the answer to that is any tea you want!

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2 thoughts on “Tea and the “Victoriana” Nut Lady

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  2. Thank you kindly for the wonderful article about my “nutty” Victorian escapades!! Although the mail did not arrive with your order, I will send you some gourmet treats as my thank you. 🙂
    Warm regards,
    Victoriana Lady aka That Nutty Redhead Gourmet Nuts

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