When That Tea Vendor’s Brand Tea Is the Better Deal

The tea vendor’s own brand is often the better deal! (ETS image)
The tea vendor’s own brand is often the better deal! (ETS image)

While those name brand teas can be very tasty and reliable, the tea vendor’s own brand is often the much better deal. Not always… but often!

Our tea pantry is well stocked with several name brand teas. We have a boat load of Barry’s Tea Gold Blend, plenty of Pg Tips, an ample supply of Typhoo, and even some Yorkshire Gold in both loose and teabags. There also is a box of Taylors of Harrogate Pure Assam Tea in amongst them somewhere. We enjoy these on a daily basis, but they do not count among our most favorite “must have” teas. That status belongs to several tea vendor brand teas, including these:

  • Borengajuli Estate Tea – We absolutely love love love this tea! An Assam tea that is everything you expect from this tea growing region of India. Great with milk and sweetener. Or you can use a bit of honey or even lemon.
  • Scottish Breakfast Tea – We love this one just as much as the Borengajuli Estate Tea. Sometimes it’s a coin toss in the morning as to which of these we steep to drink with our breakfast. This is a blend of Assam and Keemun and steeps up a cuppa that would make the Scots proud.
  • Keemun Panda China Black Tea – Another totally delish tea that gets us all excited just thinking about it. Slightly smoky but not overly so.
  • Sylvakandy Estate Orange Pekoe Tea – Absolute diviniTEA! What can we say other than that it’s total deliciousness in a cup. We steep up a 6-cup potful and soon have it all gone.

That’s the black tea category, but hubby and I have some favorites in other tea categories, too:

The main point here is to show some of the many tea vendor brand teas that are as good as or even better than name brand teas and at a much better price. For example, here are some quick price comparisons as of the writing of this article:

  • Barry’s Original Blend – 80 teabags – weighs 8.8 ounces (a little over half a pound) – list price is $14.99 (19 cents per bag or $1.70 per ounce).
  • Borengajuli Estate – loose leaf – weighs a full pound (16 ounces) – $14.74 (92 cents per ounce).
  • Borengajuli Estate – 50 teabags – weighs 5.5 ounces – $7.84 (16 cents per bag or $1.42 per ounce).

The tea vendor brand is more economical without any sacrifice in quality, both in the loose and bagged versions. My Scottish and Irish tea-drinking ancestors would highly approve!

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4 thoughts on “When That Tea Vendor’s Brand Tea Is the Better Deal

    1. A.C. Cargill

      Which? The name brand or store brand? I have done blind taste tests (my sideline is testing tea samples due to my sensitive palate and nose) and detect virtually no difference. But we’re all different. Many people swear that Pepsi and Coke taste different (and I agree that they do).

      1. I usually like the store brands better. They usually taste fresher to me. I use name brands too, but I try to go with store brands if possible. I also like to support small and independent businesses, rather than bigger corporations. But that’s more about politics than taste!

      2. A.C. Cargill

        Gotcha! Yeah, I always think I’m paying more for marketing than product when I buy name brands. Enjoy your tea!

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