The Rolls Royce of Tea Gadgets?

I’d like to think I haven’t become too jaded about the wonderful world of tea gadgets. Even though I’ve run across a zillion or two of them in my time and even though I write a monthly column on the topic. Yes, a zillion or two might be a bit on the high side, but there’s never any shortage of tea gadgets. Once in a while one comes along that deserves a closer look.

Gadgets for tea time! (ETS image)
Gadgets for tea time! (ETS image)

A little while back I wrote about an impressive gadget in an article I titled The Ultimate Tea Gadget. It probably still holds the title, but the gizmo under consideration in this article is certainly a contender for the title and is likely to be one of the pricier tea gadgets on the market. I briefly mentioned this one a little while back in an article called Speed Tea Revisited but it merits a closer look.

A recent article in a U.S. newspaper examined this high end piece of gadgetry. As you can see from the accompanying picture, it’s a pretty sleek and impressive looking thingamajig. But good looks and sleek styling are hardly reason enough to charge as much as one might expect to pay for a luxury car.

Some of the selling points for this piece of machinery, as the article suggest, is that it supposedly “crafts tea to its optimal flavor extraction, but the whole process takes only 60 to 90 seconds.” As I noted in the aforementioned article on speed tea, speed of brewing is not necessarily something that benefits the tea drinker but for the tea house that’s looking to move customers in and out at a quick pace, it obviously is not without merit.

If you’re not convinced yet, then scan down to the segment where the manager of a tea house that actually sprung for this gadget gives a description of how it actually works. It all sounds like pretty impressive stuff, but if you’re like me you take any and all sales pitches with at least one grain of salt.

While we don’t really do coffee gadgets at this site I couldn’t resist checking out the Alpha Dominche coffee makers that were mentioned in this article. As you can see at their web site, they’re pretty impressive looking, as this type of gadgetry goes, and they’re a relative bargain too. An earlier version of this particular model could be had for the low, low price of about $15,000. Why, for that price you might as well give me two of them.

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