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May 29, 2014

  • Tea Quiz: Pair the Taste with the Tea

    Can you pair a taste description with the tea it’s referring to? Take this quiz and find out. But first a bit about tea taste descriptions. Describing the taste of a tea can be like trying to describe color to someone who has never seen. Or music to someone who has never heard. Plus there… Continue reading

  • Offbeat Tea Patents Revisited

    If you assumed that the files of various patent offices are full of inventions that are eminently practical, useful, sober and serious, you’re absolutely right. But then there are the rest of the inventions. You could spend plenty of time perusing said files for offbeat and just plain weird patents, and I like to skim… Continue reading

  • Stopping for Tea in Stockholm

    Considering that the Swedes are avid coffee drinkers, stopping for tea in Stockholm might seem like a futile endeavour. But, as this intrepid tea explorer discovered, that is far from true. Despite the prevailing image of America as a nation of coffee addicts, the land of the free and the home of the brave is… Continue reading

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