Tea and Eating Potato Chips with a Spoon

Snacking is common in the U.S., Canada, and the UK. In fact, snacking is sometimes see as a real risk to the health of people in those countries plus a leading cause of obesity per repeated claims in the media. However, enjoying one of these snack-time classics – potato chips – as part of my tea time has become one of the better parts of my day. And hubby introduced me recently to a novel way to do this – with a spoon!

Chips (or as the British call them, “crisps”) to smash and spoon up! (ETS image composite)
Chips (or as the British call them, “crisps”) to smash and spoon up! (ETS image composite)

The big problem with snack foods like potato chips, cheetos, fritos, and so on is the salt and grease you end up having all over your fingers, face, teacup, shirt front, sofa cushions, the remote control for the TV, your cat or dog sitting nearby, and the kids that wonder over for a hug while you’re snacking. That’s because too many people think of these snacks as finger foods. But they needn’t be. The humble spoon can be more appropriate, not to mention saving you time cleaning everything.

The brilliant idea of using a spoon popped up the other day, prompted by the sight of those tiny potato chip pieces in the bottom of the bag. In my most genteel, lady-like, and Emily Post approved fashion, I was about to dive in face first after them when hubby stopped me and handed over one of those long-handled teaspoons – the kind used to stir your iced tea in the Summer months (they’re also good for eating those hot fudge sundaes served in tall dishes – the long handles mean you won’t miss a drop of that delectable hot fudge!). The spoon technique for enjoying those bits and pieces of potato chips led me to a special tea time that included some chip bits in a bowl and a spoon to eat them with. The only problem is that I didn’t have the bag of chips eaten down enough to get to those naturally occuring bits huddled in the bottom of the bag. The solution is simple: put some chips in a little baggie and smash them, then pour the pieces into the bowl. You may be laughing right now, but it works!

So, with my cup of tea and my bowl of potato chip bits and a spoon, I had a most enjoyable, if a tad unusual, tea time! And no major wash up was required afterwards.

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