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Tea and Team Spirit

People get excited about things, passionate. Thanks goodness. Otherwise we might as well be comatose. It’s just good to hold that excitement, that passion, a bit in check and not go overboard. I think of this as several major and passion-inspiring sports events have come and gone recently: the World Cup, Wimbledon, and the Tour de France, to name a few. Great events. Ones that inspire a lot of passion, a lot of excitement, a lot of team spirit. And, sadly, a lot of tea spillage. Let me explain…

Soccer, tennis, and cycling… a passionate sports season calls for lots of tea! (From Yahoo! Images)
Soccer, tennis, and cycling… a passionate sports season calls for lots of tea! (From Yahoo! Images)

The scene here is your living room, family room, or wherever you have that bigscreen TV. No wimpy TVs here. No tablets that can stream TV broadcasts. We’re talking 40” diagonal or larger. In front of this is the seating designed to certain specifications: well-padded with no springs poking up in very inconvenient places, a back that is at just the right angle for lounging (that means none of that Victorian horsehair-stuffed vertical-backed furniture where you have to sit up ramrod straight), an ottoman (unless you’re sitting in a recliner), and a table to hold your snackables, the remote control, and, most importantly, your tea!

Your timing is impeccable. You have everything ready well before the start of that sports event. You’re comfortable ensconced in that comfortable seating. The snacks are within easy reach. And the tea is at hand. Perfection!

Ah, but nothing is totally perfect.

As I said before, people get excited about things and even quite passionate. That team spirit is no exception. It’s great to cheer on your team, even when watching them on TV (those good vibes get through to them – honest!), and to get rather excited when they score. Even a non-team sport such as the Wimbledon tennis matches can have you crying out “Great shot!” or “It was in by a mile…are you blind?” (a bit of John McEnroe coming through there). The problem with such passion is that it can stir you into action… which can cause a rather messy situation regarding your snacks and tea. When the soccer ball makes it past the goalie, when that serve is smashed perfectly and your favorite player wins the match, or when those Tour de France cyclists pile up on top of each other on a sharp curve, you can jump up unexpectedly and passionately, sending everything flying. Cheese puffs, popcorn, cookies, etc., look like a snowstorm of food. But the tea is the real issue.

Hot or iced, tea is still a liquid. Therefore, it has a tendency not to stay put while you’re flinging your arm around with that cup or glass. Physics rearing its ugly head. So, make a point of setting that cup or glass down after taking a quick sip. The less time it’s in your hand, the less chance of spraying the room with tea. Of course, you could put your tea in a travel mug, so it has a lid. And then you can cheer on the victories all you want!

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