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A Few More Tea Festivals

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that there’s a festival to fit every taste or interest, but there are certainly some offbeat ones. For example, there’s the Underwater Music Festival, held in the Florida Keys, Australia’s Tunarama, which features a tuna tossing event, and Mexico’s Night of the Radishes. And of course, there are tea festivals. They might not be quite so offbeat as the above mentioned, but there’s certainly no shortage of them. As we noted most recently in an article located here. Which covered many of the “big name” tea fests that people are more likely to have heard of. But there are a few others that might not be as well-known that I thought were worth a mention.

Canada was well represented on previous lists with the Victoria Tea Festival and the Toronto Tea Festival but Ottawa is also getting in on things with the appropriately named Ottawa Tea Festival. The 2014 incarnation of the festival will take place in December, and it appears that it has been going on for at least two years already. Also in Canada, there’s a festival that’s geared more toward industry types and in which tea shares billing with that other drink. That’s The Canadian Coffee & Tea Show, which takes place in Mississauga, Ontario.

On the other side of the Atlantic, there’s Scotland’s Tea Festival, which I mentioned recently in another article. It got underway for the first time ever in August, 2014, but let’s hope to see more of it in upcoming years. Other festivals in this part of the world that also share billing with the other drink are the Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival and The Tea & Coffee Festival, which is held in London.

Finally, let’s be sure not to forget South Korea. Where the green tea growing region of Boseong celebrates with the Boseong Green Tea Festival. Their web site is mostly in Korean so here’s some information in English from a Korean tourism site.

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