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How to Enjoy Tea During Trick-or-Treat Time

A great time to make use of that pot warmer stand! (From Yahoo! Images)
A great time to make use of that pot warmer stand! (From Yahoo! Images)

If you’re like me, drinking tea is a necessity not to be interrupted by an hour or two of answering a doorbell rung by those trick-or-treaters. So here are some ways to enjoy tea even during that “trick-or-treat” time.

Prepare Ahead

Steep up a nice pot of tea for yourself and any other tea drinkers “sitting vigil” with you on Halloween. Use a warmer stand to help keep the tea at a decent temperature or wrap the teapot in an insulating cozy, either snuggie or dome style. Don’t forget a little something to nibble on. Some scones, McVitie’s Digestives, cheese and crackers, even popcorn – anything that will satisfy and keep you away from that candy – is essential. Don’t forget the comfy seating near the front door. And practice your “Gee, I’m so surprised and you really scared me” look for the kiddies in costume. (Under no circumstances should you laugh at them or say how cute they look – you can save that observation for the parents chaperoning them around the neighborhood.)

Perfect Your Teacup Technique

Unlike normal tea times when you can – and should – ignore interruptions such as phones, doorbells, smoke alarms…uh, well, maybe not that last one, the trick-or-treat tea time will of necessity be full of interruptions. And you should welcome them or you will be stuck with all those bite-sized chocolate bars, Tootsie Roll Midgets, toffees, bubble gum, jawbreakers, suckers, and so on. They could last you until the middle of next year! (Or, if you’re like some of us, you can just hide in a closet and finish them off all at once, explaining that you are saving the rest of the household having to be part of that process.) Anyway, there will be interruptions. You need to be able to take a sip of your tea and set the cup back on its saucer in a genteel and safe manner to avoid chipping or breakage (which could lead to spillage which would be very sad indeed). So… all together now… LIFT… SIP… SET! Got it? Good!

Assign Someone to Refill Duty

Nothing is more distressing during times of stress (such as kids you don’t know and never see any other time of the year coming up, ringing your doorbell, trying to scare you, and then “convincing” you give them candy to avoid a much worse alternative) than an empty teapot. So be sure someone is on refill duty and has that new potful ready before the first one is gone.

Here’s hoping your “trick-or-treat” time will go smoothly!

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