Boxing Day

© Pilar Echeverria | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Pilar Echeverria | Dreamstime Stock Photos

PG MonkeyBoxing Day is actually a holiday in the Commonwealth nations, including the UK and Canada. It is considered a bank holiday, so many buildings like the banks and post offices are closed that day. It is also said to give people an extra day to spend with family and friends who they were unable to be with on Christmas Eve or Day and to recover from the holiday festivities. The origins of Boxing Day are mixed. Some say it was a Christmas box given to servants by a household for working during the year, others say it was created by servants who had to work on the Christmas holiday. The British use the holiday to kick back and relax from all the Christmas festivities, especially with all the hard work of spending so much time getting ready. When I was a child, Christmas was way more fun when I didn’t have to help set up or help clean up, but it IS more for the children in my family.

In Canada, Boxing Day is more of a shopping day, often compared to the US’ Black Friday in November. Retailers open back up and post sales, but there is also a rise in gift returns for the people who did not like what they received. The sales are mostly to get rid of the stuff from what they didn’t sell from the holiday season. I always find the best deals after the holidays, sad to say!

Talking about shopping and relaxing is making me want to go have a nice cup of peppermint tea and take a nap. I shall sign off to go celebrate the holidays with my family but I will see you all in the New Year! It’s been a hectic December and I do hope you have a lovely holiday. Post your pictures and tell us your holiday traditions to our Facebook page or on here in the comments! Happy Holidays from us to you!


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