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Recipe – Peppermint Creams

(c) Julia Briggs for use by English Tea Store.

With St. Valentine’s day approaching I thought you might like to try some sweets.  These are so easy to make but look good especially if given as a present in a nice box.  You will need:

2 medium eggs (whites only)
1 lb icing sugar
a few drops of peppermint oil
green food colouring (optional)

This is a basic fondant mixture and you can leave them as they are or cover some with chocolate, in which case you will also need a bar of chocolate!

(c) Julia Briggs for use by The English Tea Store
(c) Julia Briggs for use by The English Tea Store

Beat the egg whites with a hand or electric mixer then add the sieved icing sugar gradually; when the paste becomes too stiff to use a mixer, change to a wooden spoon.  Add about three drops of peppermint oil and knead well in with your hands.  I decided to make some green ones too so I divided the mixture and added a few drops of green colouring into about one third of the paste.  Taste your paste and if necessary add more peppermint oil. Roll out on an icing-sugar-sprinkled table to about a quarter inch thick, and cut rounds with a very small cutter (heart shaped one if you have one!). Dip the cutter into some icing sugar  between each cutting. Leave somewhere cool to harden. When crisp on the outside cover some with chocolate and leave them to set on an oiled tray. It is a messy job to coat with chocolate but when it is done you can lick your fingers! These go very well with champagne but equally well with a light fruit  or mint tea. They keep quite a long time in an airtight tin and this should make about 24.

The egg yolks can be used to make an egg custard, recipe for that coming this spring!


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