Earth-friendly Reusable Cups

(c) Crystal Derma for use by The English Tea Store, all rights reserved.

TTH_COBL_-00_lid-on_Copco-Travel-Tea-Infuser-Mug-BlueEveryone is always on the run, myself included. If you’re like me, you may have a good collection of not just mugs, but also travel mugs. Not only can  you bring your drink of choice with you whether it’s a hot cup of coffee or a nice cup of tea, but you can also do your part in going green. Millions of people use paper cups each year while drinking their coffee or tea and only so little of these cups are cycled. The rest end up in landfills. The good news is that we can do something to reduce the amount of waste.

TEADMUG1000018965_-00_red-white-blue-stars-insulated-cupA growing trend in reusable cups is that they have a section to put fruit in so you infuse your water (or iced tea!). I have been eyeing one of these for quite awhile and I am looking forward to finally purchasing one. There is also the option of infusing your tea while you’re on the go! This little cup has a strainer for tea! You can bring your loose tea of choice and steep on the go! No need to waste a paper cup or even a teabag!

A great thing about travel mugs is that you can pick any size, color, and shape. You can purchase these just about anywhere and for a very good price. They don’t just come in a standard hot cup, either. They also come in cold cup styles, many of them with a straw, so you can save cold paper cups as well!

I like to carry a reusable cup whenever I am out and about. Not only does it help me go green, but I am also able to save money. I have reusable water bottles that I am able to fill with water at a drinking fountain, saving me up to a dollar each time (be sure to use the bottles made for this purpose, not refill a regular bottle of water, due to chemical leaching). There are also hands-free water bottle refill stations popping up at places like gyms and airports. Many coffee shops also offer discounts for bringing in your own reusable mug.

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