A Tribute to Mothers

We’re finally in the month of May, and we’re in the middle of Spring. This means more outings, more time outside, and more time spent with family, especially mothers. Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in the United States.

Mothers-Day-11For the US, mothers have been celebrated and thanked for about a hundred years. All mothers, young and old, are celebrated by their children everywhere. They are often taken on special breakfasts, meals (as long as they do not have to cook on their special holiday), given bouquets of flowers, cakes, cards, or their favorite personal gift. This was all made possible thanks to Anna Jarvis, who wanted to honor not just her own mother, but all mothers. In 1907 she began campaigning for a National Mother’s Day in the United States; she struggled for many years until 1914. It was that year when President Woodrow Wilson designated Mother’s Day as the second Sunday in May by signing a Joint Resolution.

Although Miss Jarvis is known as the Mother of all Mother’s Day, the idea of Mother’s Day was first noted by a poet by the name of Julia Ward Howe in 1872. She is also known for famously penning the Civil War song “Battle Hymn of the Republic” in 1870.

While Mother’s Day is considered a major holiday for many, for the British, Mother’s Day came and went much earlier. It is actually celebrated on the fourth Sunday during Lent. Since the days of Lent are different each year, this would make Mother’s Day in the UK fall on different dates, as well.

British Mother’s Day was originally known as Mothering Sunday as early as the 1600s. It was a time when people returned to the original church they went to or where they were baptized when they were younger. Young people who were working as servants were given the holiday off on Mothering Sunday, so they took the day to visit their mums and brought gifts to her. Girls baked Simnel Cakes, a light fruit cake covered in marzipan and another layer of marzipan baked into the cake along with 11 or 12 balls of marzipan on top. The balls of marzipan represent the disciples of Jesus Christ and sometimes Jesus Christ himself.  Today it is celebrated in the similar fashion of the United States in which children celebrate and give gifts to their mothers (or mums) with the addition of their mums being taken to high tea.

There are various ways of celebrating Mother’s Day with your mother. If your mother is a tea lover, tea always makes a perfect gift for her! A fruity tea like Lady Londonderry is wonderful iced. Flavorful hints of strawberry and lemon make it perfect for a good afternoon drink! Or is your mom a morning person? Maybe a good Irish Breakfast would suit her just well!

And to nibble on? Perhaps some basic Digestives plain or the added bonus of chocolate? Then there’s Tunnock’s Caramel biscuits in which you can’t go wrong. Only problem is that there’s only four in the pack! They are that tasty!

However you choose to celebrate, your mother is the most important person in your life. Give her the best or give her a call!

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