Clean Up Your Tea Stash!


With Memorial Day come and gone and summer just around the corner, I realize that I still haven’t gotten any of my spring cleaning done. There are several rooms in my house and spaces like closets, pantries, and cupboards that need to be taken care of. One cupboard I have is a tea cupboard. Now, I admit that I have a LOT of boxes and pouches of tea. My tea cupboard is where, unfortunately, tea bags, boxes, and pouches like to tumble out and fall on me like an avalanche. I have this bad habit of seeing a tea I want to try and/or like and I buy it, storing it in the cupboard for when I’m craving a certain type of tea (has anyone ever craved a Twinings Mixed Berries tea in the middle of the day?).

IMG_20160530_1310372_rewindA certain retro video game that involves stacking boxes comes to use at a time like this. If you take the time to think strategically, you canIMG_20160530_1329211_rewind fit the boxes of tea in just the right spots, stacking and organizing. However, while cleaning out your tea cupboard, box, basket, or however you keep your tea collection in, you may come across some old, expired tea. I’ve done this many times, where I have had old tea, lost and forgotten. If you have a lot of individually wrapped tea bags in boxes, you can take them and put them in a tea chest. You can take your tea bags, organize them by either flavor or type, however you want to do it, and put them in eight separate compartments. You can display them or keep it anywhere you want, like on a counter in the kitchen.

If you have a lot of loose tea or just have a lot of loose tea bags that are not individually wrapped, like Yorkshire Tea or Typhoo, then tea tins might be your answer. Our English Tea Store Tea Tins come with their own labels It is also a great way to save space in your cupboardIMG_20160530_1320181_rewind and makes a very nice display for your countertop or table to have your tea tins within reach. The labels come pre-printed so if you have English Breakfast, Assam, or if you have another type like decaf, you can write on the blank ones. For mine, I used Bingo Blueberry since I have tons of it and my nephews are always asking for a cup. These tins also make an excellent gift to give to someone, just add a little treat in there.

IMG_20160530_1328225_rewindIn addition to the tea tins, it’s not just for saving space, but it is also good for keeping tea fresher for just a bit longer. If you really want no air to get in, however, these air locking canisters are your best bet. It holds up to 16 ounces of tea and the cliplock latches closed so it helps keep air out. Plus, it comes with a tea scoop so you can be able to measure tea a bit better. Did I mention this canister has a little tea shaped window so you can identify which tea is in the canister?

It took me a bit of time to get my tea cupboard more organized but it’s finally done. Now that I have my tea all in order, that’s one thing off my list! Now onto the next thing on my late-spring cleaning…the rest of the house.

Happy Summer



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