Easter’s On Its Way! (Chocolate Alert)


Want to make Easter more interesting for the candy lovers in your life? Add some British chocolate to an Easter basket and watch those eyes light up! Chocolate eggs are very common in the UK, many hollow but filled with delicious sweets!

Along with hollow chocolate eggs, don’t forget the filled eggs like Cadbury Creme Eggs! While these are sold in the US, these are completely different! These eggs are actually just a bit bigger than the ones sold in American stores. There is also caramel for those who prefer Cadbury’s sweet, creamy caramel than the Creme Egg filling. These eggs are an Easter tradition for many, so people like to stock up on these. And who needs jelly beans when you have Bassett’s Jelly Babies? Add a bag of these chewy sweets to any Easter basket or cake and there will be smiles! They come in the same flavors from Jelly Babies only they’re in the shape of cute little bunnies! Children and adults alike will find them adorable but they will be quickly gobbled up!

For all of our other Easter treats like Galaxy Bubbles Eggs, Malteaster Bunnies, and Smarties-filled Chicks, visit our Easter Specials section. There are also other lovely Easter gifts such as tea and pre-made gift baskets, as well!

Happy Easter!

*Note: Please check weather forecast for warm weather when handling chocolate outdoors, especially in spring!




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