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Party Favor

I am currently at the age where many of my friends are getting married. A lot goes into planning the wedding, with the dress, the cake, and the decorations. Party favors are some of the most important things when it comes to party planning? Many couples tend to choose a theme to go along with their wedding.


Since I am going to get married myself, I have been looking around for tea time themed party favors as that’s the theme I wanted to go with. That was when I found these, the perfect tea themed wedding favors. Whether you are throwing a big wedding or a small one, these tea themed wedding favors will charm your guests! Not only do some of these come in multiples but if you order more than six, you will get a discount.




Heart Shaped Tea Infusers are a good party favor to give to guests along with any kind of loose leaf tea and a few biscuits. Give them an opportunity to try it for themselves and let them steep their own tea in their infusers. If they choose not to use them at the event, it’s perfectly fine. They can still bring home the infuser!








Enchanted Carriage Boxes and the Sweet as Can Bee Boxes are two adorable boxes to fill with any sorts of goodies you choose. Try Jordan Almonds, candies, chocolate, you choose! They’re also excellent for children’s parties or baby showers!







You can also adorn the tables with miniature tealight tea cup candles (literally). These cute little lights are made of porcelain and decorated in gold accents. You can also send home a tea light with your guests to thank them for coming with their own miniature tealight! This version comes with its own saucer, making it look even more authentic!



Finally, our Honey Pots with Dippers are something your guests must have! These are pretty small but you can actually use these. With the words “Meant to Bee” written on them, it’s a cute little bee pun that will make your guests chuckle.



These are are not only for weddings but you can also use them for other occasions, like baby showers, birthday parties, and even just a general tea party. These will put smiles all over your guests faces and it will make you the life of the party.

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  1. The ladies in my neighborhood are having a tea in September, and our favor will be a heart-shaped infused filled with loose tea and tied with a sprig of silk flowers.

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