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Have you ever hung a stocking on your chimney mantel? Do you happen to see them everywhere you go during the holiday season? While I grew up here in the US, I always saw them everywhere but never knew that they were actually filled with anything since my family never did stockings. It was adulthood when I found out that people stuffed them with “stocking stuffers”, which are little gifts of toys, sweets, an orange, and other goodies that one would enjoy. It is like a little Christmas bonus from Santa Claus, unless you are bad, of course. Then you might get coal in the Christmas stocking!


There is no way of telling where the tradition of Christmas stockings came from but one thing for sure is that it is a fun way to get some yummy treats! If you want something different from the standard Christmas candy, then look no further. Our British candy make some of the most popular stocking stuffers for adults and children alike.


Bassett’s Jelly Babies Snowmen

A winter take on the classic British sweet, Bassetts Jelly Babies take on the form of snowmen for the holiday season. They also come in two of the best flavors, strawberry and lime.

Bassett's Jelly Snowmen Bag - 5.82oz (165g)

Kinder Mini Christmas Figures

Six little snowman figures made with creamy milk chocolate from world renowned candy maker Kinder. Add a few of these to stockings for some smiles on Christmas!

Kinder Mini Christmas Figures - 3.17oz (90g)

Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts Jar

Any licorice lover will cherish this treat! A tin of the Bassett’s Allsorts mascot filled with mouthwatering allsorts! Keep the tin afterwards to fill with whatever you want! Maybe more allsorts?

Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts Jar - 17.4oz (495g)

Walkers Uno Hammer Pack

This is a fun stocking stuffer! A hammer is included in this pack of toffee. Simply whack and unwrap (or unwrap and then whack, the choice is yours)!

Walkers Uno  Hammer Pack - Original Toffee - 3.5oz (100g)

I honestly think filling stockings are more fun than receiving. What do you like to put in your Christmas stockings?


Have a Merry Christmas!


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