Our Highest Rated Tea ⭐


We are proud to say that we have a really good base of tea lovin’ customers that purchase the teas we carry and review them truthfully. We use these reviews to carefully handpick which teas to keep & which to give the boot. Therefore, thank you for your honest reviews and keep them coming!

Without further or do, the highest rated product on our site is the Loose Leaf Buckingham Palace Garden Tea Party. It may not be the most rated product on our site but it is definitely the highest rated with over 80 five star reviews in quality AND price.

Buckingham Palace Garden Party Tea - Loose Leaf


This loose leaf tea is a medium bodied tea with Ceylon Earl Grey & Jasmine flavor. Jasmine is also known to be a very healthy tea as you can read about in a previous blog here. It makes for the perfect afternoon tea because it is light but still full bodied. This tea is served every year at the Buckingham Palace with a delicious meal.


The caffeine content in this tea is medium. The only caffeine comes from the tea leaves in the flower L. Camelia Sinsensis. However you can reduce the caffeine levels by rinsing the tea leaves in hot water beforehand. You won’t want to do this for long or it will take away flavor. The antioxidant content is extremely high which is awesome! The longer you brew your tea the more antioxidants you will benefit from. Each cup you make may taste a little different because it is a loose leaf & it depends how much or how little you use.


You can enjoy this tea in 16 ounces, 4 ounces or 1 ounce bags.

Learn more about this delicious tea on our YouTube channel here.


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