All About Liquorice


Liquorice! Whether you love it or hate it, it’s all over the world and it is loved worldwide and it has no sign of going away any time soon. While some of us know it as a sweet red twist, it is mostly known for its anise-like flavor and black color. Liquorice is derived from the liquorice root, which is grown in parts of Europe and Asia. Many of the teas we carry often contain liquorice root, many of them caffeine free.


Check out our products below for our liquorice lovers!


Haribo Pontefract Cakes are a centuries old sweet and loved for generations. Pontefract Cakes originally had no sugar in them until George Dunhill, the developer of the sweet from Pontefract, added sugar to them and changed them from a medicinal product to a sweet treat.

Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts were originally created on accident when a candy salesman knocked over a tray of colorful liquorice sweets and created the liquorice allsort. This sweet is another classic loved by people young and old


Barratt Sherbet Fountain is a classic candy that nearly everyone in the UK has had at least once during childhood. Sherbet Fountains come with a fizzy lemon flavored sherbet powder and a stick of black liquorice. It is usually eaten by licking the liquorice and dipping it into the sherbet powder.


Fox’s Glacier Dark Sweets is a liquorice variant of Fox’s Glacier Mints. These Irish boiled sweets are flavored with liquorice extract and aniseed and are suitable for vegetarians.


Stash Liquorice Spice Herbal Tea is something for those who love liquorice but don’t want to indulge their sweet tooth just too much or want something different from the ordinary. This herbal concoction of liquorice root, anise, and spices are sure to delight your taste buds in a sweet and spicy way.



Did you know? In Scandinavia and other parts of Europe, liquorice is enjoyed salted and a very common flavor in other desserts!




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