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Pancake Tuesday – February 13th


Pancake Tuesday is coming early for 2018 as it will be on February 13 this year. If you want to try something different this year for Pancake Day, why not try these different versions of pancakes?

Oven Pancake: There is the Dutch Baby pancake that has been becoming popular again thanks to the increasing usage of cast iron skillets. are usually cooked in a cast iron skillet and baked in the oven, then usually dusted with powdered sugar. When they come out of the oven, they often resemble giant Yorkshire Puddings!

Savory Pancake include ones like the Okonomiyaki from Japan and the potato pancake made in many European countries. Okonomiyaki means “As you like it”, so when you hear that about a pancake, that means you can literally put ANYTHING on these pancakes. A standard Okonomiyaki is made with flour and eggs and topped with cabbage, meat like bacon or fish, green onions, and drizzled with a special sauce and mayonnaise. Well known potato pancakes are the Irish boxty and the latke, both made with shredded potatoes and pan fried. The potato pancake is usually eaten with sour cream or applesauce.



Thin: French Crepes and the Vietnamese Banh Xeo are thin pancakes and both fried in pans but the only differences are that they are made with different flours. Crepes are made with wheat flour and the Banh Xeo is made with rice flour. Crepes can use both sweet and savory fillings while Banh Xeo is stuffed with meat or vegetables. The British pancake falls into this category as it is a thin pancake. British pancakes are eaten with powdered sugar and lemon or a drizzle of golden syrup.

British Pancakes with lemon drizzle & sugar

Filled Pancakes: Danish Æbleskiver (Aebelskiver) or “Pancake Puffs” and the Japanese Dorayaki. These types of pancakes are always fun to make and eat! Danish Aebelskivers are pancake balls filled with sweet delicious apples and cooked in a special pan with little holes (or spheres, whatever you like to call it).The Japanese Doriyaki has a sweet red azuki bean paste inside.


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