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Black Tea 101


Some may argue that black tea is the most popular tea. It can be turned into so many different varieties such as English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey & Orange Pekoe.



There have been many studies as to the benefits of Black Tea such as headache relief, mental alertness, lowering stress hormones, relieving stomach aches & antibacterial effects. To get the most out of your black tea, make sure you are allowing ample amount of steeping time.


As we mentioned earlier, black tea is loved all over the world! And it is also made differently all around the world. In the East, such as China, it is often consumed black. They like their tea steeping hot & dark colored. (I greatly agree with them!) In the Americas & Europe, it is often consumed cold or hot with milk and sugar/honey. (Love some honey in my tea, especially when a cold is coming on!) Black tea is also very popular is Western & southern Asia!

In fact, the top black tea producers are China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka & Turkey (and in that order)



There are many different ways to brew, and it is completely based on preference! A popular way is to boil your water in a tea kettle. Add 1 to 2 tbs of loose black tea of your choice to 8-12 oz. of boiled 212 degree F water. Allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes depending on how strong you want it.


We have so many different varieties of black tea here at ETS. If you ever need help message us on Facebook (or here) or call us at 1-877-734-2458. We will gladly help!






One response to “Black Tea 101”

  1. “Allow to steep for 3 to 5 minutes depending on how strong you want it.” This statement is incorrect. the longer you steep tea the more bitter it becomes. The AMOUNT of leaves you use determines how strong it will be.

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