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Did You Know This About Afternoon Tea?!

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We’ve been focusing on afternoon tea a lot recently because everyone is just so interested! As a quick reminder for those who do not know, afternoon tea is a ritual in Britain that was introduced in the early 1840s. It has evolved as a mini meal to keep your tummy happy until a late dinner. Everyone sits down to enjoy a cuppa afternoon tea!

The world’s most expensive afternoon tea was in Cliveden House, Berkshire at a total of 550 pounds! They served Da Hong Pao tea, Beluga caviar, white truffles and much more! They also served the worlds most expensive coffee!

Two things you may not know about afternoon tea:

  1. Did you know you should add your sugar into your tea before your cream? It will melt better in the hot tea before adding the cold cream/milk.
  2. NEVER cut your scones! This is a finger food and should be torn with the hands!


Just some other fun facts:

96% of tea in the UK is consumed using a tea bag

Britain drinks about 165 million cups of tea per day!





**Disclaimer: The “facts” on this page are for fun and enjoyment. We understand it is not illegal to add cream before sugar! 😊

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