Colorful Teaware


Rio Tea SetThe groundhog has predicted six more weeks of winter this year! If there is snow stuck on the ground in your area and it has you longing for the colors of Spring, then why not brighten your home up with some colorful teaware? English Tea Store carries solid color teapots, mugs, and more so you can add a colorful variety to your tea collection.


Our own brand of ceramic teapots range in 2-cup (16oz) and 6-cup (32oz) sizes and come in many colors, from Burgundy to Hunter Green! Each teapot has a beautiful gloss finish, and are perfect for use at home, events, or in restaurants. Pick our a friend or family member’s favorite color and give one as a gift or match the color of your kitchen! Our teapots are also microwave and dishwasher safe, but keep in mind, they are never to be used on the stove.

Teaz Cafe Infuser Mug with Lid - 11oz - Turquoise


If you happen to not have a teapot or just don’t fancy using teabags to brew your tea then a solid color mug could be for you. The Teaz Cafe Mugs each come with an infuser so you can put in any loose leaf tea you like. An added bonus to these mugs are that they each come with a lid! When you are done infusing your tea leaves, but you’re not quite ready to drink your tea yet, simply remove the infuser and place the lid on, helping to keep your mug of tea nice and hot. Of course, if you just want a plain mug to drop a teabag in, then there are the colorful Rio Mugs! They come in four bright and vibrant colors. You can pick one or get them all in a set of 4!


Tea for One Desert Rose Gloss Finish - English Tea Store Brand

Last up is our English Tea Store Tea-For-One tea sets. They come in the same colors as our standard teapots but small enough for one person, holding 10 ounces. Each teapot is made of ceramic and has the same glossy finish as the standard teapot and they come with a cup and a saucer which stacks and stores neatly in small and compact spaces. If you would much rather see flowers than color, however, then our Summertime tea-for-one sets may be more suitable. There are porcelain ones with gold trim* like the Summertime Flowers or you can get bone china, if you prefer.


Now, all you need is some colorful tea like Butterfly Pea or some Blue Suede Shoes Green Tea to go with these colorful tea sets and you will have added a delightful blend of color to your tea time! Just don’t forget the lemon for your Butterfly Pea Tea!



One thought on “Colorful Teaware

  1. This is the second time I have heard of butterfly pea tea. I will attempt to find it. More snow in my neck of the woods. I will take anything that reminds me of spring.

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