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Setting the Table for Tea




Whether you are having your first tea party or just a friend over for tea, you’ll want to know the basics. This is just one of many ways to set a table for tea! Sometimes if you are going to a formal tea party, you may want to really watch for strict etiquette but this is just for fun! (Watch our for a blog on formal tea party setting) It usually is based on preference and what you will be serving but here are a few tips & tricks to get you started:





Salad Plate: This plate is usually used for a small salad or even a few danishes. It should sit one inch from the edge of the table.

Spreader: Knives sometimes do not look as dainty. So a small spreader or butter knife can be used and is placed on the right of the salad plate. (Make sure it is facing the plate!)

Spoon: A small spoon should be placed on the right of the spreader.

Napkin & Fork: The napkin is to be 9″ sized (not dinner sized) and folded neatly on the left of the salad plate. You can also use a napkin ring instead of a nice fold. The fork then is placed in the middle of the napkin.

Name Card: A name card should have the guests’ name on it and folded on top of the salad plate.

Water Glass: A pretty small water glass should be placed right above the spreader on the right.

Teacup & Saucer: This set will go right somewhere above the fork/salad plate.

Small Bowl: You’ll also want to place this off to the top left of the napkin. This can be used for waste of lemons and tea bags.



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