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Sweet & Fruity Biscuits

Looking for something different in a biscuit? If you are not a fan of the plain old Digestives or just simply not into chocolate, then fruity biscuits could be your thing. Sweet and tangy biscuits with bits of fruit are usually some people’s cup of tea to go with their cup of tea. If you aren’t sure which ones to try, of course, then check out the following biscuits below and see what might be suitable for you!


The Garibaldi biscuit is fruity currant-raisin sandwich biscuit that was named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, an Italian leader and general who led a fight to unify Italy. When

20180227_165519-002.jpgGaribaldi visited England in 1861, he was very popular amongst the British, so a biscuit was created in his honor. The Garibaldi biscuit has similarities to squashed flies, which led to the nickname Dead Fly Biscuits. These biscuits were originally manufactured by a different company but are now made by Crawford’s, owned by McVitie’s.


Speaking of McVities, they have their own fruity biscuits with currants in them. The Fruit Shortcake is a crumbly shortbread biscuit with sweet and juicy currants packed inside. They are also sprinkled generously with sugar granules.


McVities Ginger Nuts do not actually have any nuts in them but one thing we can assure you is that they are loaded with a spicy ginger flavor. There is also a sweet lemon and molasses flavor to help add to the gingery kick. These biscuits are very, VERY crunchy, though! For a less crunchy ginger fix, try Walkers Stem Ginger Shortbread. These mouthwatering biscuits are loaded with Australian stem ginger and baked into Walker’s Famous Buttery Shortbread. However, if you just happen to love ginger, then you might have a hard time deciding which of these two are your favorite.


Lemon lovers who enjoy the taste of lemon would love Bolands Lemon Puffs. These cookies have a light lemon cream filling and sandwiched together by two crispy slightly sweet puff pastry biscuits. It’s just hard to stop eating them once you start!


All of these delightful biscuits are perfect for dipping or dunking in your afternoon tea! Black tea is perfect for soaking up these crispy, crumbly, and fruity biscuits so why not give them a go?



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