Easter Candy🍬


Easter is coming early in 2018! This year, it will fall on April 1st and it’s no joke! Luckily, British Easter chocolate and treats have arrived just in time here at the English Tea Store! Get some British Easter candy before it hops away!


Fill your Easter baskets with some of of Britain’s most beloved filled chocolate eggs, which include the Cadbury Creme EggCadbury Caramel EggsSmarties Chick in Egg and Nestle Milkybar Chick in Egg instead of or along with jelly beans and there are sure to be some delighted faces this Easter!

Cadbury Mini Eggs and Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Eggs can be hidden among the Easter


grass while a hollow Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunny sits atop the grassy patch. His innocent purple face is very good at keeping secrets! Maybe you can persuade it to tell you where the Galaxy Golden Eggs are!

Then there is the grand finale! The chocolate egg! Whether big or small, basic or luxurious, chocolate eggs delight everyone both young and old. While America is a little behind on this tradition (okay, we are REALLY behind on it), the British are always one step ahead and making these eggs better with each passing year. Cadbury’s Crunchie Bar Eggs would most definitely make my Easter, but of course, many people are different. Some like more fun with their chocolate eggs, like 1cMarvellous Creations or enjoy the finer things in life with Thorntons.


However you celebrate your Easter this year, always be careful, and be safe. Happy Easter!



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