Royal Warrants


It’s a boy! Prince William and Duchess Kate welcomed Prince Louis Arthur Charles on April 23, 2018. The new prince is now the fifth in line to succeed the throne, right below his older brother George and sister Charlotte. The birth of a new royal is always a reason to celebrate. That is why in honor of the new prince, we should make a toast with tea. Not just any tea, though. I believe it is more fitting to celebrate with tea approved by the Royal Family.

Enjoy some Twinings tea, which has the Royal Warrant. Now what is a Royal Warrant? Royal Warrant.jpgThey are products or services to the British Royal Family that are granted a mark of recognition, or also known as a seal of approval. If you see the Queen’s, Prince Philip’s, or Prince Charles’ crests on a product, you will be able to tell whose warrant it is. It’s not just products that are given these warrants, but services like optical services or stores. Some warrants are even given by two of the royals or even all three of the royals with warrants. In Twinings’ case, it has the warrant of the Queen. You will notice the crest above the Twinings logo if you take a look at it.

Taylors of Harrogate has a Royal warrant given to them by Prince Charles. You will see his crest right on the box. You can normally see his crest atop the Yorkshire Gold logo on the box but is also seen on other Taylors of Harrogate products. Other items we carry with Royal Warrants include Cadbury chocolate (the American version does not have the royal warrant), HP Sauce, and Weetabix. The warrants may not be on the very front of the product, so you may find them either on the side or the back.

It is no doubt that Prince Louis and his siblings will be using these products and services someday. Their own family has influence of official products, as Prince William and Prince George will eventually have their own royal warrants. They may give these warrants to the same companies or they may give them to someone who has never had one before. For now, enjoy the ones approved by the Queen!


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