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Mother’s Day Gifts & Treats


Moms are everywhere. Whether it’s your mom, your sister, your daughter, or a friend, all mothers are celebrated each year on Mother’s Day. If you are looking something to get for her, then English Tea Store has got you covered. We have Mother’s Day gifts Mom will love!

If the mother in your life loves bundles of goodies, then she will love our gift baskets. Specially picked and carefully packed basket is sure to delight the mom in your life. We have gift baskets to suit everyone’s fancy. Our tea gift baskets are some of the best, ranging from cream tea to Irish. We even carry an organic tea basket, not to mention one full of chocolate!


If she does not fancy gift baskets and is a big tea drinker, then our gift sets are sure to please her! If Mom needs an electric kettle or needs to replace an old one, try one of our kettle gift sets. Our starter set comes with an Ovente electric kettle, two bags of tea of your choosing, and a teapot with a rose gloss finish. If there are no kettles or teapots involved, try a gift set with a mug. Each English Tea Store mug and tea set comes with a flavor variety, such as British favorites and Morning Blends. We also have mug sets in which you choose from a selection of flavors.


My own mother was a big candy lover, so for those moms with a sweet tooth there is a wide selection of sweets to please that sweet tooth. One favorite of moms is chocolate. Try a large bar of sweet, creamy, and melty Cadbury Dairy Milk or a cool, refreshing bar of Nestle Mint Aero. However, not all moms enjoy chocolate. Chewy candies like Jelly Babies, Wine Gums are familiar favorites, but there could be new favorites like Rowntree’s Randoms or Pick and Mix. Rowntree’s Randoms are fun to enjoy, especially with filled jellies and foam sweets and in shapes you never thought you would see in candy, like hats and paintbrushes. Pick and Mix is a familiar mixture of Tooty Frooties, Fruit Gums, and Fruit Pastilles.

No matter who your mom is, thank her in any way you can. Happy Mother’s Day!

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