More Types of Tea Times!

Thanks to Ahmad Tea of London we are bringing you a simple explanation of a few more types of tea time in England that we haven’t talked much about in our blog yet! These might fit some of our tea lovers lifestyles better than the ones we have already mentioned.

Cream Tea:

This type of tea often includes scones, clotted cream, marmalade or lemon curd and a cup of nice warm tea.


Royale Tea:

This tea includes friends & family served with some alcohol (aka: champagne) at the beginning! You can also serve sherry at the end.



This one is simple & to the point and is my personal favorite. It is morning tea or coffee hour in England! So take a break from those emails and enjoy!


Celebration Tea:

Very similar to afternoon tea but with a cake to celebrate an occasion!


There are many different types of tea depending on your schedule, who you are enjoying it with and why you are enjoying it. Most importantly, make sure to have fun with it! Bring out your fancy cups and best tea! (Don’t forget to take a picture for our Facebook page also!


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