Crazy for Cranberry

In my previous post I talked about the popularity of pumpkin. We all know how much it’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last decade but today we will discuss the lesser known seasonal taste, the cranberry.

The cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon)  is one of the very few fruits native to North America. They’re usually cultivated in Washington State and Maine, particularly Cape Cod, and are grown in bogs, which are typically wetlands. They boast an abundance of nutrients and are said to have certain health benefits for the kidneys, heart, as well as digestive health*.

The demand for our annual dose of cranberry starts in September or October and continues all the way up until Christmas. From then, cranberry is usually available within arm’s reach but depending on the area, some people need to travel far and wide just to get their fix. It’s English Tea Store to the rescue! We not only carry cranberry food and teas but we can also ship it straight to your door, saving you time and gas so the only thing you have to worry about are the clicks.


Cranberry tea is one of the most comforting teas you can enjoy. Sweet and tart yet a distinctive taste that leaves you feeling comforted in a way. Our Cranberry Orange tea is made with Sri Lankan Ceylon tea blend of Nuwara Eliya, Uva, and Dimbula giving a kick of caffeine. Perfect for enjoying on Thanksgiving or on a chilly day. Next, we have Stash Cranberry Pomegranate Herbal Tea for a less energizing but more calming tea. Rooibos and hibiscus are intricately blended with natural cranberry and pomegranate flavors to give you a festive and refreshing flavor. Finally for when you feel a little stuffy try our Cranberry Echinacea tea. A luxurious blend of Tulsi (Holy Basil) leaves, Camomile, Blackberry Leaves, Strawberry, Safflower Petals, and of course the two star ingredients, pieces of cranberry and echinacea. This combo creates a nutrient-rich yet stunning flavor. 


We supply Sticky Fingers Scone mixes which provide an easy yet homemade taste. Cranberry Scones are packed with tart cranberries along with a mix of orange and subtle spices. The Cranberry Pumpkin scone mix also have the same tart and juicy cranberries and a luscious pumpkin flavor. Simply add water according to directions and in no time you will have fresh, piping hot scones. Serve them on Thanksgiving morning with Sticky Fingers Cranberry Orange Curd or Cranberry Apple Fruit Butter and enjoy with family and friends.


Fact: Another well-known member of the cranberry family is the lingonberry. These grow in the mountains of Scandinavia and is very popular among the locals. You may have had some before if you have visited a certain furniture store and enjoyed their signature dish.

*Disclaimer: Please consult a doctor if you are feeling sick and plan to partake in cranberry products.

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