Cheese, Please!

One of the fun things about the holidays is snacking. No matter whose house, dinner, or party you go to, there are usually nibbles to enjoy. A standard nibble usually involves cheese and crackers but if you have been to parties recently, you may have seen a cheese board. Cheese boards have always been an entertaining staple but it was only until several years ago that they have increased in popularity.


So for this year’s holiday party, don’t go for the spray cheese. Try some of these cheeses instead:

Brie & Camembert

Both of these cheeses have several things in common. They are semi-soft cheeses with rinds, they are both French, and they are very creamy. Brie and camembert practically go with anything, including sandwiches.


Some of the best cheddar are English and Irish cheddars! They can range from sharp to medium or even mild for a less intense flavor. Go for British or Irish made cheddars for their sharp and distinctive flavor.


Known as the King of British cheeses this cheese is known to have a rich delicate flavor with a tangy aftertaste. This crumbly blue veined cheese can only be made in three counties in England so you know you won’t be getting any imitations. 


A popular Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk, particularly of the Manchega breed of sheep. The texture of this cheese is semi-hard

Another trend for parties is the charcuterie board. Charcuterie boards are a collection of cured meats, fruit, crackers, and other nibbles like nuts, olives, and even fruity spreads (fig is to die for). These boards can also include cheese if you wish!

You can buy them premade or you can actually make your own! Most grocery store delis now carry charcuterie meats like salami, prosciutto, and sometimes even a meat pate or two. Arrange one of these cheeses or two and voila! They’re just as popular as cheese boards.


Did you know? Charcuterie is French for “pork butcher shop” which used to only consist of pork offerings but have now expanded to include other types of meat. 


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