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National Hot Tea Month 2021

It’s the middle of January and we have yet to talk about National Hot Tea Month! The first two weeks of 2021 have been a doozy so far so take your mind off things and do something with tea. Make yourself a cup to enjoy or do something from below:

Try a new tea
If you’re loyal to a certain brand of tea like PG Tips or Stash, why not try a new brand of tea? Metz tea is a relatively unknown tea brand but they carry a very unique variety of tea. Try something soothing like Blue Nile Chamomile or Japan Sencha Mikado. Best of all, it’s organic!

Blend your own tea
If you have some old tea that you don’t want to throw away then blend your own tea! Take some matcha and add some turmeric to it and make a matcha turmeric latte with it or blend two different teas together like black and green. When creating your blend, you can add herbs, spices, dried fruit, and dried flowers. Now, it takes a lot of experimentation and no tea blend is perfect at first but the results are always fun to taste!

Throw a socially distanced tea party
The pandemic has been a lonely and frustrating time for everyone. Take to video calls or just voice call someone and enjoy a cup of tea with them. Show off your mugs and your brews!

Treat yourself!
Get yourself a new mug, teapot, or an electric kettle. We carry teapots ranging from fine bone china to brown betties. If you’re also due for a new electric kettle, now is never a better time to buy one. Try the UtiliTEA kettle from Adagio. It’s fast boiling and the best part is temperature control, allowing you to heat water to the most delicate temperature or the hottest if you really like your tea hot. After all, what’s National Hot Tea Month without a kettle?


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