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Burns Night Cranachan Recipe

January 25 marks the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns (January 25, 1759-July 21, 1796). in what’s known as Burns Night. Each year Scottish people in Scotland and around the world celebrate the bard by reading his written works, drinking whisky, and enjoying a Burns Supper. Burns Supper usually consists of haggis, neeps and tatties, and cock-a-leekie soup with desserts like Clootie dumplings and cranachan.

Today we’ll show you how to make cranachan, one of the most perfect ways to end a night of celebration with fresh cream, strawberries, whiskey, honey, and toasted oats. This recipe serves up to 4 but it depends on what you serve it in.

1 cup (about 236ml) of heavy/whipping cream

1 cup or 85g of rolled, steel cut, or pinhead oats

About 7 tablespoons of Scottish whiskey, adjusted to taste. You can also use orange juice if you’re making a non-alcoholic version

4 tablespoons of honey

12 ounces/340g of fresh raspberries

2 teaspoons of sugar (optional)

Extra raspberries to garnish

Toast the oats in a frying pan, being careful not to burn them. Alternatively, you can toast them in the oven at 350F/180C/Gas Mark 4 on a cookie sheet for about 10 to 15 mins or toasted according to preference. Set aside to cool.

In the meantime using a chilled bowl, lightly whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Add the oats, whiskey, honey, and if you like, sugar.

In the meantime, lightly mash the raspberries using a fork. Add a layer to the bottom of a clear glass or a small bowl. Then add a few spoonfuls of the oat-cream mash and arrange into another layer. Alternate with another layer of raspberries and then another cream layer.

Top with fresh raspberries and serve!


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