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cats and tea

  • Kitty & Tea Lovers Unite!🍵🐈

    Kitty & Tea Lovers Unite!🍵🐈

    There is nothing like curling up with a cup of tea and a soft, purring cat. As a lifelong cat person and tea lover, I have known this joy all too well, so when I discovered cat related tea items, I was in love. If you or a loved one is a tea lover who… Continue reading

  • Here Kit-tea Kit-tea!

    There’s something about tea that attracts cat lovers. Or maybe there’s something about cats that attracts tea lovers. Clearly there’s something … because so many of us dearly love them both. It’s certainly not because tea-drinking is easier with cats around. Cats sniff or bat at the tea leaves, even try to eat them. (Although… Continue reading

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