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  • Tea and Digestion

    Digestion is probably one of these things most of us take for granted. Like breathing and a heartbeat and the like, it’s a function that doesn’t attract much of our attention until something goes wrong. Which for many people is apparently quite often, if you consider the constant barrage of advertising one sees for antacids… Continue reading

  • Tea Rescues Me from Pizza

    Recently, tea rescued me from the pizza I had scarfed down at a local eatery. Listen to my tale of how a queasy tummy was saved by a nice cuppa tea. Over the past few years, my eating habits have changed somewhat. Rice and potatoes are now the starch of choice over wheat-based items like… Continue reading

  • Digestive Tea

    Thanksgiving is almost here and everyone is thinking about “the big meal”. Throughout the week, it’s perfectly normal for passing acquaintances to jokingly bestow the warning, “Don’t Eat to Much!” Whether you are the one hosting the dinner or simply show up for it, for most Americans, Thanksgiving is about one thing: food — and… Continue reading

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