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  • Guayusa Gaining in Popularity and Visibility in the U.S.

    It’s one of the more obscure herbal infusions out there, but guayusa, a mate-esque South American beverage, is gaining in popularity and visibility. A few years ago this blog published an article introducing guayusa and this article about it being part of South American traditions, and since then it has only become more well-known. One company… Continue reading

  • Other Types of “Tea”

    For many of us, tea is a word that can be tossed around rather loosely, in the sense that it can be used to describe a wide variety of leafy plant matter that’s typically prepared by steeping it in hot water. In the strictest sense of the word, however, as any self-respecting nitpicker will be… Continue reading

  • An Introduction to Guayusa

    If you strive to keep on the cutting edge of what we might call herbal beverages, for lack of a better term, then you may already know about Ilex guayusa, which is more commonly known as Guayusa. If not, then it’s time for a brief introduction. Those who keep tabs on this sort of thing… Continue reading

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