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  • How to Become a Tea Sommelier

    So, what about this whole tea sommelier thing anyway? It’s a relatively new concept and one that we’ve talked about previously in these pages, including this article by our Esteemed Editor. Obviously taking a cue from the more established profession of wine sommelier, tea sommeliers are looking to raise the bar for tea consumption, oftentimes… Continue reading

  • What Is a Tea Sommelier?

    The term “tea sommelier” has been popping up for awhile now — several years, actually. In fact, an online search produced a wealth of hits. Plus, intrepid Tea Guy Bill Lengeman posted this tidbit about three years ago, giving a glimpse into the mystery of what being a tea sommelier means. Short answer: what anyone… Continue reading

  • Tea, Food and More

    It’s no secret (or at least it shouldn’t be) that tea goes great with just about any kind of food. As with wine, the trick is to figure out which teas and foods make the best match. In the world of wine, this function is typically carried out by an individual known as a sommelier.… Continue reading

  • Tea and Food Pairings

    When the subject of food pairings is touched upon, most people’s thoughts are probably going to turn immediately to wine. Which is no surprise, given the amount of focus on this topic and the great number of resources available. But with the increase in popularity of high-end tea and the increasing number of so-called tea… Continue reading

  • Tea Sommelier

    by William I. Lengeman III The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines sommelier as “a waiter in a restaurant who has charge of wines and their service” or “a wine steward.” Though this definition doesn’t really leave any room for us to apply the word to tea culture, a number of tea experts have gone ahead and… Continue reading

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