Delightful Beverages Made with Tea

Spring and summer are coming up very soon and everyone needs quick easy beverage ideas. The Apple Cinnamon Shake and Raspberry Teaser tea recipes are easy to make and taste fabulous. Both recipes are great for kids and adults.

Tea Beverage

Apple Cinnamon Shake

A delightful ice cream treat with a twist of tea.

Ingredients Needed for Each 16 oz. Glass:

(2) Cups of vanilla ice cream

(2) of your favorite cinnamon apple tea bags

(1/4) tsp. cinnamon optional


In a blender, mix ingredients until fully blended. Cut open tea bags and mix contents with ice cream.

Raspberry Teaser

A refreshing blend of raspberry herbal tea and seltzer. Use the same idea with other herbals as well.


(2) tsp. raspberry herbal tea leaves or other fruit tea

(1) tbsp. sugar

(8) oz. seltzer or sparkling water

(2) thin lemon slices


Bring (1/2) cup of water to a boil, stir in the raspberry tea and sugar, steep for 3-4 minutes. Strain and refrigerate. When cool, divide the tea between (2) tall glasses, add ice, and pour in (4) oz. seltzer or sparkling water.

Come on, celebrate the warm weather and make a delightful tea beverage. You will be an absolute hit with your Apple Cinnamon Shake and/or Raspberry Teaser. Enjoy!

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