Tea Is Great for Around the House

Did you know tea has more uses than simply being a delightful beverage? Tea is used for health and beauty, around the house, and in the garden. Products that have multiple uses are wonderful. You conserve space by having fewer items that double to perform several functions and save a little money too.

Tea Has Many Uses

Ladies, you can skip your salon visit this week. You can color your hair with tea. I love this idea, because it does not damage my hair or have a dreadful aroma like that of chemically processed hair color. Another great beauty idea is you can appear as if you went tanning using tea! No tanning bed or lying out in the sun needed. All you need is two cups of brewed black tea, rosemary, sage, and a spray bottle. It is so easy; all that is required is spraying mixture onto your skin and blot with a towel.

For those people who are looking for new ways to clean around the house there are amazing tea uses for you too! I do not know about you, but I cannot get my mirrors to a perfect sheen. With tea, it can be done with a pot of strong tea and a damp cloth. Simply dampen the cloth in the tea, apply to the mirror, and buff with a soft cloth for an impeccable shine. I tried this idea and it really works!

Do you have roses that tend to appear a droopy in the summer? I know the problem all too well and have the ideal solution. Try tea to perk up those roses. Sprinkle new or used tea leaves around them, and cover with mulch. Another benefit to this idea is the fragrance of the roses mingling with the tea is wonderful. Another fantastic idea for fellow green thumbs is placing used tea bags in the drainage layer of a planter to help ferns soak up more of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Do you these ideas make you want to brew a cup if tea? If so, click over to the English Tea Store and see the article entitled, “Twenty-Two Amazing Uses for Tea.” Make a cup of tea to drink and one to color your hair or a fabulous faux suntan.

3 thoughts on “Tea Is Great for Around the House

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    I actually dye my hair with tea and coffee, between colorings. It keeps the roots from being so stark, caffeine is known to stimulate hair follicles so it is thicker, and it’s just way cheaper. Brew it strong, cool to tepid, pour over your hair, top with a thick leave-in conditioner, cover with a shower cap overnight, then wash as normal in the morning. I do this once a month or more.

  2. Hello Pat!

    Absolutely, tea is for more than drinking! I, myself am a person who just loves products with several uses. For one thing, I am curious to attempt coloring my hair with tea. By the way, let me know how the faux tan turns out. 🙂

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