Blueberry Herbal and “Journey to the Center of the Earth”

Jules Verne in 1892
Jules Verne in 1892

Jules Verne’s classic story, Journey to the Center of the Earth, is a panoramic tale of voyage and fortitude. It’s also a mixture of charm and density of detail, to which Blueberry Herbal is the perfect tea-companion.

In the novel, the story is told by Axel, the nephew of Professor Otto Lidenbrock. He reluctantly accompanies his uncle and an Icelandic guide into an inactive volcano that’s also a pathway leading to the center of the earth. Axel disbelieves each step of the way, while his uncle is a force of determination.

It’s this paradoxical experience that pairs so well with Blueberry Herbal. The brew is light in a mug but weighty on the tongue, and full of taste like the pop of a fresh blueberry between the teeth.

Further paradox exists in Verne’s telling of Journey to the Center of the Earth. It reads much like a geography lesson, heavy with facts and the scientific debates of his time. But what spares the reader from being completely buried beneath the lesson is Verne’s ability to use his skill for detail when it comes to characters. The fiery temper of Professor Lidenbrock is true-to-form through the entire story, and even the landscape itself takes on a personality that carries throughout.

That’s why there’s no better tea-companion to Journey to the Center of the Earth than a fruity herbal. The reader will need patience for this tale, not the effects of caffeine. Be ready to slow down, and take the novel at the pace at which it’s written. Also, Blueberry Herbal is an excellent flavor to contraindicate the dark depths to which the characters in the novel descend. And don’t forget the sweetener! I think you’ll need it.

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