Tea Moments — Doing Laundry

By A.C. Cargill

Much is said about “comfort food” such as macaroni and cheese, muffins, or chicken soup (all enjoyed with a piping hot cup of fresh-brewed tea, of course), but I have a theory that there are also “comfort areas” to nestle in and feel at peace. As one who lives the tea life, I seek out such places to have a cozy tea moment and write about them occasionally.

Doing Laundry

Creating your cozy tea moment requires first of all finding a particular spot in your home or a special café, etc., away from the stresses of the day. Then, set aside some time at whatever interval you can manage (daily, if possible, or at least weekly). You may also want some special activity, such as reading a good book, to do while you enjoy this respite from the everyday.

In our home, my cozy place is in the kitchen next to the laundry closet, especially when I’m doing a load or two of washing.

At times like this I’m glad, as one who relishes cozy moments with a good cup of tea, that our house was laid out for the convenience of the builder, not the owner, such as having the laundry closet located off the kitchen so plumbing could be installed more economically. Thanks to this layout, I can have my cozy tea moment anytime there are towels, jeans, and other items to be washed – pretty much every day.

Once the washer has been loaded and started, I pour a cup of my favorite type of tea, grab a preferred teatime treat, and settle in at the kitchen table. With my laptop plugged in, I type, or maybe just go online for an Internet cruise and a bit of “tweating” to the world. Sometimes, I just lay out my crossword book and focus on solving the latest puzzle. Okay, a nine-letter word for a feeling that all is right with the world. Ah, yes, “contented.”

One good thing about sitting at the kitchen table is that the chairs aren’t so comfortable that I end up nodding off – easy to do in this setting. The sounds of the washer rhythmically swishing and dryer tumbling are hypnotic. On a cloudy day, they are even more so. Today is sunny, however, so I am able to remain alert while typing. The tea helps, too.

The added advantage of a kitchen hangout is being able to smell the most wonderful and irresistible aroma of cookies while they are baking. Right now, I have sugar cookies in the oven – easy to fix and delightful to anticipate. On the other hand, perhaps that’s one of the drawbacks of my kitchen cozy tea moment, being taunted and tempted by the irresistible smell of those little rounds of pure delight. In an age when people are striving to maintain more healthy diets, I may be considered old-fashioned and out of touch. However, cookies are comfort food and are, therefore, a perfect choice for conveying that cozy tea moment atmosphere. Never fear, I’ll make up for it later with a bit of a jog or an hour or two on the exercise bike. Having my tea moment is worth it.

The whole goal of the cozy tea moment, however, is having a bit of time for yourself, a time to unwind and focus on something that you enjoy doing in a solitary manner. I’ll give your more examples in future articles but hope this gets you started.

The pot of Darjeeling is ready and the cookies have cooled enough to eat. Hmm, I think it’s time to wash some laundry…

A.C.’s blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill, is full of more great writing!

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