Tea Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Irish Tea Gift Basket
Irish Tea Gift Basket

Tea is a wonderful gift to give during the holidays. While some people are more familiar with tea than others, very few people completely dislike tea, making it a very versatile gift for people of all ages. If the person you are buying tea for is not as familiar with teas as you are, you can use this as an opportunity to introduce them to new teas that they might like.

I always like to arrange my gifts in gift baskets, and that’s certainly a convenient way to give teas away as well. So start with a basket the size you would like, and depending on the size and the person you are preparing the gift basket for, you can personalize the contents as well. Here are some ideas of things you can include in your tea gift basket besides tea:

  • Tea infusers – did you include loose leaf tea? If so it might be a good idea to enclose a nice tea infuser in the basket as well just in case they do not have one or have never tried loose leaf tea before.
  • Snacks – tea goes well with snacks, especially shortbread, chocolate sticks, biscotti, or cookies.
  • A mug or teacup – Not only practical but also makes the gift basket even better. And of course you can include a mug that is appropriate for a specific occasion as well.
  • Tea! I know this is rather obvious, but try to include a variety, with both bagged and loose teas and different flavor profiles for a wide range of sampling.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making a tea gift basket yourself, you can find many tea gift basket services at The English Tea Store, including both pre-made baskets and a “Create Your Own Tea Gift Basket” service as well which is especially impressive.

Black Electric Kettle
Black Electric Kettle

However, gift baskets are only one way to give tea during the holidays. Another tea-related gift idea is to give away teapots, tea kettles, a french press, or other tea brewing accessories. In fact, electric kettles make extremely popular Christmas gifts, being one of those gadgets which once you own them you don’t understand how you ever lived without one! I know I cherish my own electric kettle, it makes brewing teas so much easier!

So whether you choose to give the gift of a gift basket, a brewing accessory, or just simply tea, your gift is sure to please almost anyone on your shopping list this year, and give them some warmth and refreshment for the holidays.

Stephanie is the publisher of the Tea Review Blog.

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