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Gift Guide – Here Comes Santa Claus

By Stephanie Hanson

The folks over at the English Tea Store are busy little elves preparing to play Santa as they deliver Christmas presents to all the good little boys and girls and tea drinkers. Here is a brief shopping gift guide for the people on your list.

“The Stockings Were Hung by the Chimney With Care”

Don’t forget to put something in that tea lover’s stocking. Little infusers, tiny teaspoons, sample tins, and goodies make great stocking stuffers. My dad always put an orange in the toe to help hold the stocking’s shape. The English Tea Store has a couple really cute ones for under $5, with teacup or teapot charms. Very precious and sure to make the gift recipient smile. There are also some adorable demi-tasse spoons in a similar price range, including a gold one with a teapot handle.

“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”

For all that holiday entertaining, a festive teapot makes a great gift. The English Tea Store has a couple of different teapots, but my favorite is shaped like a Christmas Tree. It’s kitschy, yes, but that’s what Christmas decorations are all about in my book. You should see our Christmas tree with its endless mismatched ornaments, the more obviously handmade by kids the better. And the kiddies will like this pot, especially with some peppermint tea.

“It’s five pink peppermints to Christmas”

For those peppermint lovers on your list, think about the mint teapot garden, with a teapot planter and seeds to grow your very own mint plant. Plus, starting seeds in the middle of winter is a great way to get some green in the house to chase away those winter blues.

“What Can You Get a Wookie for Christmas (When he already has a comb)?”

Whoever wrote that very unusual and uncommon carol clearly didn’t think that Chewbacca might enjoy a hot cuppa with ease. The English Tea Store is featuring an electric kettle gift set that comes with an electric kettle, of course, as well as a teapot and two of their teas. Or perhaps the tea for one gift set.

“Suzy Snowflake”

For the Suzy Snowflake on your list, go for one of the doll-sized tea sets and get them into the tea drinking habit as early as possible. She’ll have endless doll parties to which you will be obligated to wear dress-up hats and frilly feather boas, but it will all be worth it to see her face light up as you pour out for her dolls.

“Bearing Gifts We Traverse Afar”

Think about tea chests, filled with leaves more precious than gold. The English tea store has beautiful wooden chests that come empty, to fill with the recipient’s favorite teas, or filled to give them a sampling of teas to explore in the new year.

“To Auld Lang Syne”

Drink a cup of kindness to Auld Lang Syne in one of the adorable holiday mugs featured on the site. Perhaps the poinsettia mug with infuser is just right, or maybe the snowflake mug to get you through the rest of the dark and dreary winter nights.

Happy Holidays!

Get the scoop on all things tea from Stephanie’s blog, The Tea Scoop!

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