Hibiscus Tea and Health

By Alexandra Hoover

For people looking to improve their well-being, drinking hibiscus tea is a good option. Not only is it tasty, but hibiscus tea can help alleviate heart problems. Clinical trials have demonstrated that consuming hibiscus tea is extremely healthy for people. The more cups a day people drink, the better it is for their health.

Why Drink it?

In The Journal of the Science of Food Agriculture, researchers presented information on how hibiscus tea, or Hibiscus sabdariffa, helps manage cholesterol, demonstrating that it reduces one’s chance of developing heart disease. Hibiscus extract lowers the cholesterol of lab animals, which has vast implications for human beings, as well.

Cardiovascular Well-being

If you have heart disease or fear getting it, drinking hibiscus tea can be helpful for a number of reasons. First of all, hibiscus tea contains antioxidants, which reduce cancer by eliminating free radicals, or cellular by-products. Also, hibiscus tea can reduce blood pressure, helping to reduce one’s risk of developing any kind of cardiovascular disease.

Have a Healthy Diet

If you don’t eat well, it can be hard to combat or evade heart disease. In addition to drinking hibiscus tea, one must also eat nutritious meals regularly. Try drinking a glass of hibiscus tea before or after a healthy serving of food to help prevent heart disease.

Exercise Daily

When people are kind to their bodies by eating well and getting regular physical activity, they don’t have to rely solely on one factor, like drinking hibiscus tea to help prevent heart disease. Hibiscus tea can only be powerful as an aid–it cannot be entirely responsible for improving ones strength and well-being.

Try Alternate Teas

Green tea and white tea are also consumed for their antioxidant benefits. Drink white or green tea for variety. White tea and green tea extract are also quite useful in preventing cancer or bacterial/viral infections.

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