Review — Le Marche Spiced Tea

Le Marche Black Tea
Le Marche Black Tea

Here it is Christmas time – a time for reminiscing, a time for nostalgia. They say that smells can trigger memories and I was most certainly reminded of that fact when I received my order of Le Marche Spiced Tea from the English Tea Store. From the moment I opened the bag and took in the intoxicating aroma of this tea, I found myself taking successively deeper (sniff!) and deeper whiffs (sniff!) of this heady delight, each time trying to recall what it was that was so incredibly familiar and why it made me so happy.

The tea itself is a premium blend of black tea from India that brews up a colorful dark reddish hue. The taste of the tea is a touch bakey, and ends with a nice clean finish. What powers the excitement and joy of this tea is the memorable fragrance, this spicy/sweet combination which is promised by its alluring aroma — this fragrance that seems to be punctuated with a hint of sweet apples, and balanced by a warm spiciness. (sniff!)

Although I have noticed that there are no brewing guidelines on their products, I brewed a few cups at a full-boil, and steeped them for about 4-minutes. I have also found that I like the tea better with a touch of honey to bring out the sweeter details of the blend.

It took me awhile to figure out what was so familiar about the smell of this tea (and why it made me so happy), but when I figure it out I did a little happy dance in my kitchen – for finally I had found my favorite movie candy, Hot Tamales, now in liquid tea form! Everyone I shared this tea experience with agreed that I had indeed unraveled this mystery with alarming accuracy. For me, this tea brings me back to my childhood. I took another nose-full of aroma from the bag (sniff!), and identified undertones of candy apples and those little cinnamon Red Hot candies. It’s a very distinct version of cinnamon. I was hooked! I finished the bag in about 3 days.

What I love about this tea is that every time I drink this tea, I take a sip down memory lane.

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