Review — White Monkey Paw Green Tea

White Monkey Paw Green Tea
White Monkey Paw Green Tea

Name: White Monkey Paw

Brand: English Tea Store

Type: Green tea (Yes, I know the name makes it sound like a white tea, and indeed those fuzzy tips make it look like a white tea, but, in fact, this is a green tea.)

Form: Loose leaf

Review: I love the look of these long, curly, fuzzy buds and leaves that make up White Monkey Paw tea. The dry leaves infuse to a very pale green liquor with a nose of steamed leaks and hazelnuts. On the palate, the tea is mild yet distinctive: The sweet nuttiness makes the tea refreshing and satisfying, with none of the grassiness that normally puts people off green tea.

Recommendation: If you like very subtle teas, teas that make you pay attention to what you are tasting, this is a great option. This is also a great tea for green tea newbies, provided that it is prepared properly (see below for preparation tips).

Preparation Tips: This is a fairly delicate tea, so I would advise keeping the water temperature down to about 70C/158F. Infuse for about a minute, then decant. I’ve tried this tea in a gaiwan (Chinese covered cup) and found that it does become bitter with oversteeping, so keep the infusion time to a minimum.

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