Snowed in with Tea

Here in Northern Virginia, we’re reeling from yet another snowstorm. What’s that, people from the snowy north? This isn’t a snowstorm, you say? Alright, so we only got an inch or two, which only resulted in a two-hour delay for schools in our county.

You read that right, a two hour delay for an inch of snow. Alas, Fairfax County just doesn’t know how to deal with snow. There have been years when this much snow resulted in a full-on snow day. Of course, the pre-Christmas blizzard used up all of the snow days for the year, so now everyone’s being a little more careful about how quickly they call off school. Luckily, I have the day off, so I am free to sit around, curled up in a fuzzy bathrobe, drinking tea, reading books, and otherwise pretending to be snowed in. It’s the perfect start to a cozy weekend.

You see, my husband and I are taking a break. Not from each other, but from the outside world, and pretending to be snowed in adds an even more romantic air. You might wonder why I’m sharing this on a tea blog, but don’t worry, I’m getting there.

Tea, for so many people, is a symbol of kindness and hospitality. There are countries all over the world where offering a cup of tea is extending the hospitality of the household. It symbolizes a lot more than a hot way to quench one’s thirst. Think about the elaborate tea ceremonies that have evolved over the world from the seemingly simple yet quietly complex ceremonies of Japan and Korea to the elaborate and showy English afternoon teas hosted in hotels. All of these are ceremonies, even if the steps are less defined. And when we prepare tea in our homes, we are sending a message.

This morning, as we lay in bed, I asked my husband if he wanted me to make him a cup of tea. Because of differing schedules, I’m not often up in time to do this for him. Of course, he could always make himself a cup of tea. But this simple act of service made his face light up. In return, his gratitude for such a small thing made me feel warm inside.

With tea, we are more connected. Of course, tea plays a far more major role in our household than with many. My addiction provides humor through his good-natured teasing about the number of tins in the cabinet (while he secretly loves having his own tea company in the kitchen). So this weekend, we’ll curl up with books and our cups of tea, and let it snow.

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