Welcoming Guests into Your Home with Tea

When you have guests coming over to your house – whether expected or unexpected – tea provides not only a way of welcoming them warmly, but also refreshment and topics of conversation. Because guests more often than not stop into your house on short notice, it’s a good idea to have your guest tea supplies on hand and ready for when you do have the opportunity to use them.

Keep all of your tea supplies for guests in the same area.  Make sure you have a teapot, teacups, sugar (cubed or rock sugar) or honey, milk or cream.  It’s also good to have a “guest tea” in mind for when guests do come over, as they may not be as familiar with tea as you are – as their hostess, be prepared by having a great tea in mind that would be more or less universally appreciated.  Now is not a good time to see whether your guests think Pu-erh tea tastes like earth.

A good tea to serve to guests is unflavored (unless you know your guests have a preference for a certain flavor, many people have varied opinions on different flavors, so it’s a good idea to serve them unflavored tea). A pure, un-flavored and high quality tea will certainly be appreciated by your guests.  Since you as the hostess are also familiar with the tea you are serving to your guests, you may wish to offer your guests suggestions on whether to take milk or sugar with the tea you are serving, or give them a brief history of the tea they are drinking.

If you serve your guests high quality, finely brewed tea with their choice of milk and sugars in a beautiful set of teacups, then you will certainly impress them as well as making them feel welcome in your home.  Use this time to try to widen their appreciation of tea as well by giving them suggestions of other teas similar to the one you are serving that they might like, or package up small samples of the tea you served for them to bring home and brew themselves!

Stephanie publishes the Tea Review Blog, a great place to carry out a little tea research.

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