Wandering in Tea Land

Just as Alice had adventures in Wonderland, I’m wandering in tea land, searching for new tea experiences. With so many choices, tea drinkers can wander in tea land for years, trying one after another and never the same one twice (if that’s what they want). Different colors of tea. Different variations within each color. Each one a new road to travel.

White, oolong, green, red, and black tea —
In land of tea these sights I see.
A line or two ’bout tea that rhyme,
Brings smiles to afternoon teatime.

No, it’s not what the Mad Hatter said to Alice when she “dropped in” for tea. It’s just a quick verse for tea drinkers everywhere.

Every tea drinker eventually reaches the stage in his/her appreciation of tea when they need to move beyond their usual stable of teas and try something new. Even those who have a cabinet or pantry full will sooner or later be tempted by a new blend. I’m at that point now, trying different teas, venturing down different tea roads. Today, it’s a wonderful green tea scented with jasmine. Tomorrow, it could be a wonderful spiced chai, or perhaps a delicate white tea flavored in the teacup with a few drops of vanilla and sweetener.

Just as when you wander through a new bit of countryside or a new section of town, part of the fun is in the experience. Go along the main road, sampling a straight black tea. Take a turn down a side road with a black tea that has a flavor or scent added: spices, fruits, florals, etc. Veer off over a hill into green tea territory, trying first a straight green tea such as Gunpowder. Step up the pace a notch with something a bit more special like Dragon Well. Wander down a side path with a green tea with jasmine or other scent added. Take a moment out to sit on a bench in an arbor covered with leafy vines and enjoy a white tea, plain or scented.

In all your tea wanderings, don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch. Baked goods like scones, cookies, fruit tarts, pies, and cakes, are obvious options. So are fresh fruits and veggies. You can be a little more adventurous, though, with quiche, finger sandwiches, veggie hors d’oeuvres like stuffed mushroom caps, desserts like layered trifles and chocolate mousse, etc. Only your imagination, culinary skills, and financial resources are the limits.

All wanderings must eventually come to an end, and you head home laden with souvenirs from your trip, in this case, some special teas that you tried and fell in love with. Don’t forget more of those special foods, too. They will assure that your experience wandering in tea land will last a bit longer.

Happy wanderings, tea lovers!

If you plan on doing a little wandering of your own, make sure to stop by A.C.’s blog, which is located in the South Eastern part of “tea land.”

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