Tea Poetry Contest!

Have you heard about the tea poetry contest that A.C.’s having over on her blog, Tea Time with A.C. Cargill?? If you haven’t, here’s the skinny:

Let your tea poet shine and win tea. Even a few lines will do.

Gotta rhyme
For teatime?
Send it on to me.

Don’t be late.
If it rates,
You’ll win some free tea.

The English Tea Store is furnishing a totally cool prize package for one lucky poet out there. Email your verse to me. I’ll select the winner and the English Tea Store will ship the prize to you.

A few rules:

  • Has to be clearly a poem, not prose.
  • Doesn’t need to rhyme.
  • Can be freestyle or a poetic form (sonnet, haiku, etc.).
  • Content should be about tea and G- or PG-rated (nothing spicy).
  • Maximum lines: 30 (so I don’t need to spend years reading them all).

Other than that, have fun and good luck!

Come on, guys! Submit your tea poem to A.C. today!

3 thoughts on “Tea Poetry Contest!

  1. I’m not adverse
    to reading your verse
    when posted as a comment.

    ‘Tis better still
    and would be a thrill
    if by email to me you sent it.

    Thanks, tea poets!

    See my blog for email address and further info on contest.

  2. Laurie L.Thomas

    Mum’s the Word.
    Hey I have Things to be Heard.
    Sharing the Absurd
    What can I say I’m a Nerd,
    talking like a bird.
    Sharing the Prose.
    You Suppose.
    I do take time to Some the Roses” 🙂
    PG Tips, I won’t zip my Lips.
    From my Mouth that Tea Will Drip,
    and the Words will Slip,
    From my Mouse to Your House.

  3. Laurie L.Thomas

    Some English Tea.
    Suits Me to a “T”
    You See,
    When it Comes to a good cup of tea,
    thats great for me.

    Some Tea Time
    and Rhyme Time.

    Ready to go across the emiles.
    To share a smile
    And a unique writing style.

    Poetry in Motion.
    For the Taste of England Tea Blog”
    I’m ready to make a commotion.
    What an Awesome promotion.

    Us Deep thinkers.
    Our Tea Drinkers.

    Hey I’m ready to commit
    To Sharing the Wit.
    With Tea and Poetry I’ve found a good fit.
    Just sharing the Lit.
    (And Yes I’m Part Brit)
    No Cheers and beers.
    It Cheers and Tea.
    And Memories of Family Times
    in England and the Sea. 🙂

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