Offbeat Tea Gadgets and Gizmos

When it comes to equipment, the process of tea preparation doesn’t have to be a complicated one. Boiled down to its simplest essence, at least for those who use teabags, the only equipment required is a kettle or microwave and a mug. Loose-leaf tea preparation doesn’t really need to be much more complicated than that.


But there’s nothing like a good gadget, so if you’re looking to make the tea-drinking experience more enjoyable, convenient, or just plain silly, there are any number of gizmos on the market for you to take advantage of. This is hardly the time or place for an in-depth summary of this sort of thing, but here are few of the more unusual tea-related gadgets currently available.

There are a number of gadgets currently on the market that are designed for heating water or steeping a cup of tea. But there’s probably only one electric kettle that can send an e-mail every time you use it. This curious device is marketed as an aid to help keep tabs on elderly relatives, among other things. Read more about the I-Pot at (appropriately) the Engadget blog.

Determining how much loose leaf to use is a critical part of the tea making process. Here’s an adjustable Loose Tea Measure that claims that it will provide an accurate measure for up to five cups of tea. Another key variable when making tea is the amount of time to steep the leaves. For a variety of download-able tea timers that work on Windows and Mac computers, as well as some more traditional timers take a look at this blog post.

If you find it too exhausting to have to stir your own tea, a pair of French designers have come up with just the thing for you. It’s a tea mug that stirs itself. Finally!

Opinions may vary on what the most offbeat tea gadget is, but the teapot mentioned in this article is probably a serious contender. The article tells of a man who had his deceased father’s ashes made into a teapot.

For regular updates on other slightly less weird teapots, be sure to keep tabs on the Teapots Teapots Teapots Website.

You can find more interesting articles like this one on William’s blog, Tea Guy Speaks!

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